Saturday, 17 February 2018

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 17th February 2018

Thankyou so much for all your lovely comments throughout the week regarding last week's challenging time for us.  Your kindness and generosity of spirit is very much appreciated by Darren and I.  After much budget revising we can now make ends meet if we are super careful and only spend when really necessary. We are looking at different forms of income including expanding the stock in my blog shop and holding make and take workshops in my home throughout the year.  Stay tuned  !!!

On a much brighter and happier note,  on Valentines Day this week,  Jessica and Eugene announced their engagement. The wedding date is set for 2nd December this year with the reception / wedding venue booked and their engagement hall booked.  There's lots to plan and many lists to write but we are well on the way to making the day special.

Here's what else we got up to this week -

*  Made a couple of slabs of zucchini slice using the zucchinis we were blessed with last week.  I now have 28 single portions in the freezer.

*  Cooked up lots of tomatoes from our garden. I then weighed it into 410 gram portions which is the same as a small can of tomatoes.  From the one big pot I was able to portion out the equivalent of 11 cans.

*  Wrapped up the soaps I made last December using cellophane bags and scraps of ribbon .  I'll be giving some as presents throughout the year.

*  Fed the compost bin with kitchen scraps and Darren added lawn / grass clippings.

*  Saved more bean seeds from our garden.

*  Picked lots of tomatoes and raspberries each day.

*  Made 22 jars of jam with a box of peaches given to us.

*  Jessica found a few decorations in the supermarket for her engagement party .  She went in the day after Valentines Day to find metallic balloons spelling the word " LOVE  for 88 cents each.

*  Saved lots of glass jars from spreads and mustard we'd used up.  These were then reused for the jam making session.

*  Made a quadruple batch of laundry powder.

*  Donated a few bags of bits and pieces to the op shop and received a discount stamp.

*  Wrote out our newly slashed budget to see exactly where we stand.  I 've made a few minor adjustment to save more money.

*  Kept the cooling and fans  off all week which is fabulous considering it's Summer. Saving a few dollars and grateful for the mild weather.

*  Telstra notified us to say we no longer have to pay $2.98 every bill ( 28 day cycle from memory ) to keep our home phone number silent.  It's a small saving but $2.98 will feed Darren and I for 2 or 3 meals.  Very grateful.

*  Kept to the two light rule with most nights only using one light or none at all.

*  Saved lots of water from the shower and poured it into the washing machine.  We've also cut the washing down to 3 maybe 4 loads per week.  We are hoping to see a saving on the next water bill.

Handmade soaps for gifts.

Zucchini slice

The sunset reflecting on a cloud from the other side of the sky

Cooked tomatoes from our garden.

Making laundry powder

Peach jam.

Jessica and Eugene.

Showing the ring.

How frugal was your week ?

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Avoiding Tomato Stains

This nifty little trick was passed on to me from a cleaning client who regularly buys Tupperware containers.

If you are wanting to avoid tomato stains on your plastic containers,  give the container a light spray of canola oil or any oil of choice before you put in any tomato based food in.  The oil acts as a barrier that prevents the plastic from absorbing the tomato color.

Cooked tomatoes ready for the freezer. 

Saturday, 10 February 2018

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 10th February 2018

I wish I could say we've had a great week.  The truth is,  Darren and I have faced challenges with reduced work hours,  finding ways to cut our budget as well as family challenges.  We are ok and God is certainly blessing us in unexpected ways.

I've tried to keep track of all the frugal things I've done this week but with everything going on here I know I've missed quite a few.  Here's the list of tasks I did remember -

*  Picked tomatoes,  strawberries, beans,  raspberries and cucumbers from our garden.

*  Started saving beans seeds from our plants for next year.

*  Made 14 jars of plum jam and 9 jars of raspberry jam.

*  Used the electric fans when possible instead of turning the cooling on.

*  Made up a couple of bottles of diluted Dynamo laundry liquid.

*  Diluted the kitchen detergent when I refilled the pump bottle.

*  Lined dried the washing except on the really humid days when I used the dryer for the heavier clothes ( otherwise they start to smell ).

*  Froze lots of single serves of meals for future use.

*  Bought petrol for $1.19 per litre.  A local petrol station reopened after renovations and this was their opening sale price for a week.

*  Sold lots of raspberry muffins and 1 dozen eggs.

*  Received an amazing blessing of cakes,  bread,  zucchinis ( from 3 different people ),  passionfruit,  grapes,  plums and squash.   Thankyou so much to those who blessed us with this bounty.  You've helped us more than you'll ever know.

*  Darren did some painting for extra money this week.  This has been a huge help for our budget.

*  I only bought milk and lettuce from the supermarket.  I am growing lettuce but the heat keeps knocking the plants about and they are not growing too well.

*  Baked four loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

*  Trimmed our grocery budget as well as other areas of our budget to help with our reduced income.
From the garden

Plum jam

Homemade bread

Raspberry and white choc muffins.

How did you save money this week ?

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Silverside - Slow Cooker Style

I grew up with Silverside ( corned beef ) being cooked on the stove in a saucepan for a couple of hours.  Years later as a newly wed,  i took on this cooking practice because that was all I knew.

Years later I was given a slow cooker but no recipes to go with it.  That slow cooker sat in a kitchen cupboard unused for about nine years because I didn't know what it could do that a saucepan couldn't do.  It wasn't until I was visiting my cousin Louise in Ballarat that I discovered how to cook Silverside in the slow cooker.  Louise said the Silverside comes out tender and juicy.  I must admit I was surprised because the Silverside I'd been cooking was ok,  but a bit on the tough side.

Here's how I cook Silverside in the slow cooker -

1 piece of Silverside ( corned beef )
1 kettleful of boiling water
1 cup of brown vinegar
3 bay leaves
1 tablespoon of dried onion ( or 1 fresh onion cut up )
2 tablespoons of brown or raw sugar
1 lemon cut into 8 pieces
8 whole cloves
Canola spray

*  Spray the insert of the slow cooker with canola spray.

*  Place the piece of Silverside into a preheated slow cooker.

*  Add all ingredients except the boiling water.

*  Add the boiling water until the slow cooker is almost full ( about 1 inch or 2.5cm from the top ).

*  Place the lid on top and cook for 8 - 10 hours turning the meat around in the liquid halfway through the cooking time ( if possible )

*  Remove the Silverside from the slow cooker and wrap in foil for 30 minutes to retain the juices.

*  Unwrap the meat and allow to cool slightly then place in the fridge until completely cold. 

*  Wrap in cling wrap or foil until ready to slice.


*  If your slow cooker cooks on a high heat ( boiling and burning ),  turn the slow cooker onto the low setting.  If it cooks on a low simmer then set the temperature on high.

*  The lemon is an optional extra but adds an amazing light citrus taste.

*  Spraying the slow cooker with canola spray helps with washing up afterwards.

*  The meat should be placed in the fridge as soon as the steam disappears. 

*  Use a good sharp knife or electric knife o cut the meat.  It will have a slightly crumbly texture due to it's tenderness.

*  Serve hot or cold with salads or hot vegetables.

*  I personally keep the meat in the fridge for two days after cooing.

*  Can be sliced and frozen for future meals.


Saturday, 3 February 2018

Tasmania Holiday And Frugal Tasks

Straight after Christmas last year we had our family holiday.  Darren and Megan left on the 27th by boat with my car.  Jessica,  Eugene and myself left on the 28th by plane.  We spent five nights in Devonport in a cabin at a holiday park.  This allowed us to spend time with Darren's Dad,  step mum and some extended family.

The boys spent lots of time fishing with Eugene catching some squid and Darren showing him how to cook it.  Megan and I had a lovely walk on the beach collecting shells and a few beautifully colored,  smooth stones.  Jessica and I watched a few movies together and enjoyed some bargain hunting.

We discovered a discount store called Shiploads which is similar to Cheap As Chips,  The Warehouse or Chicken Feed.  Darren and i picked up lots of heavily discounted Christmas decorations / party items and Megan enjoyed the makeup section. 

New Year's Eve was spent at Darren's Dad's place eating nibblies.  About 11.30 pm the kids went down to the water for the party and fireworks.   We got a phone call at 12.04 am asking to be picked up because the fireworks had finished and everyone was going home.

The Reject Shops in Tasmania as huge and once again we picked up lots of Christmas bargains.  One was a white with gold stripe tablecloth we bought for $5 down from $20.  We soon discovered most towns either had a Shiploads or Reject Shop and it felt like we were doing the national tour of all stores.

The girls and Eugene flew back home on the 2nd Jan and Darren and I continued our holiday for another week.  We spent 3 nights in Stanley at a lovely spa cottage.  We explored The Nut which is an extinct volcano the Stanley is built around.

We then travelled down to Hobart and stayed in a Bed and Breakfast in Margate.  We visited the Salamanca Markets,   took a lunch cruise on the Derwent River,  visited the Margate Train and it's converted shops, drove down to the Huon Valley and explored New Norfolk and it's antique shops. 

Darren and I enjoyed eating lunch out on occasion,  bought afternoon teas at Banjos Bakery and cooked our own dinners most nights.  Everything was budgeted for which gave us peace of mind.  We caught the boat home on the 9th January arriving at the crack of dawn on the 10th.

Here's a list of how we saved money on our holiday -

*  Used our thermos for cuppas when we were travelling.  This saved us about $7 - $9 each time.

*  Stocked up on cheap Christmas decorations,  material and party supplies.

*  Used our Flybuys dollars to buy the groceries we needed when staying in Devonport and Margate.

*  Saved the paper carry bags from Kmart when we went shopping.  Most plastic bags have been banned in Tasmania for about four years.  Retailers offer paper bags or multiple use plastic bags to their customers or you can bring your own.  I carried lots of fold up material bags in my handbag which were used many times over.

*  Saved the plastic cutlery from the cafes we ate at.  I don't usually do this but the cutlery was quite sturdy and seemed a shame to throw out.

*  Reused the few plastic bags and bread bags we had over and over again to wrap food,  cover bowls or to pack things in the car.

*  We carried bottles of water wherever we went.  This alone saves a small fortune and keeps us hydrated.

*  I packed tea bags,  sugar,  breakfast cereals,  spreads,  muesli bars,  sweet biscuits,  savoury biscuits,  pasta,  tinned tomatoes,  seasonings to make spag bol and rissoles,  chips and chocolates.  Yes we could have bought these items from the supermarket when we got there,  but I already had them in my pantry.  This saved us about $75 - $100.

Lighthouse at The Bluff Devonport

Th Bluff Devonport

Sunset in Devonport

Huge craft shop in Spreyton Devonport

Acoomodation in Stanley

The Nut Stanely

View from the top of The Nut

On the chairlift with Darren.  He didn't look down

Historical Highfield House Stanley

House on the main street of Stanley

The Nut up close

Stanley main street.  Our accom was up the laneway - bottom left

Stanley Hotel.  Masterchef filmed finals week here in 2012

Margate train shops

Margate train

Discount super store.

Historical bridge in Richmond near Hobart.

View from our balcony in Margate.

Derwent River cruise.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Another 5 Cleaning Products You Don't Need

Cleaning products can add so much to the grocery bill.  I'm also concerned about the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Finding another way to keep your home clean is as easy as making your own products with a few basic ingredients.  Here are another 5 products you don't need to buy.

*  Disinfectant wipes.  For starters they are quite expensive per wipe.  Secondly they are an environmental hazard.  Thirdly,   a cloth wipe and disinfectant will do a better job.  Even better,  a cloth can be thrown into the washing machine to wash and reuse over and over again.

*  Dishwasher air fresheners / cleaners.  What a waste of money.  Clean the filters often with a toothbrush and detergent.  Then clean your dishwasher once a month with Miracle Spray on the door and seals,  bi carb in the powder dispenser and white vinegar splashed around the inside.  Run it on a long hot wash to clean out the pipes.  Dishwashers smell when dirty dishes are left in there for days on end.

*  Surface cleaners.  We are led to believe that a bench is not clean unless we use this harsh combination of chemicals.  The scent can be so strong it can cause headaches and migraines ( first hand experience here ).  Instead,  use Miracle Spray,  vinegar or a little detergent on a clean cloth.  I only use disinfectant on a cloth when I've been dealing with raw meat. All the other times I use Miracle Spray.   I can honestly say my family rarely gets sick and we've never caught gastro from my over worked  kitchen bench.

*  Toilet deodoriser blocks / Blue Loo.   If you believe the adverts for these products,  they are meant to keep your toilets clean without you lifting a finger.  Amazing isn't it ???  I've cleaned thousands of toilets in my cleaning career ( giggle, giggle ) and I can honestly say they do not keep the toilet clean.  Generally the fragrance dies after 2 weeks and the toilet still needs a clean.  Blue Loo ends up splashed all over the walls and who really needs colored loo water ?

Save the toilet deodorisers for when you have a big gathering at your home and you'd like the toilet to smell nice.  Occasionally I use the Duck disks and buy up big when they are half price at $2.80 for a pack of six.  They work out to 46 cent each and last 4 + weeks.  If you want your toilet to stay clean longer,  flush the toilet after each use and definitely DON'T  leave anything in the toilet bowl overnight.

*  Carpet deodorisers.  If you just want your carpets to smell nice,  add a few drops of  essential oil to a cup of bi carb.  Sprinkle over your carpets and leave for 1/2 an hour.  Vacuum up and enjoy your fresh smelling carpets.

Here's the link to the last post I wrote about cleaning products.

Do you use basic ingredients to keep your home clean ?

Basic cleaning supplies

Saturday, 27 January 2018

January's Frugal Tasks 2018

During the month of January we've continued to be busy around the home and getting ready for 2018.  I've already made a really good start on my birthday and Christmas present list for this year with lots of purchases made during the sales after Christmas.

We also made a trip to Tasmania with Jessica, Megan and Jessica's boyfriend Eugene.  I'll post more about that trip in next week's frugal task list.  While we were away our garden continued to flourish in the heat with the help of our next door neighbour who came over each day to look after and chicken and to water our garden.  When we came home I had 2 kilos of beans to pick and peaches ready to eat.

Here are the frugal tasks that I remember doing during the month of January -

*  Gratefully received lots of bread bags.  They will be used to wrap food for the freezer and to be used as bin liners.

*  Made lots of  gift tags using recycled Christmas cards.

*  Baked wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

*  Jessica helped me design labels to attach to bottles of handmade room sprays.  This year I'll be giving some of these as gifts along with lots of other handmade gifts.

*  Picked beans,  raspberries and a few apricots and plums from our garden.

*  Saved all the gift bags,  ribbon, Christmas cards and gift tags to reuse next year.  The gift tag fronts were cut off to be reused.  The Christmas cards will be made into gift tags.

*  Refilled the foaming hand soap pumps with diluted shower gel.

*  Made up a bottle of diluted Dynamo laundry liquid.

*  Made the most of the Boxing Day sales to pick up lots of presents for next year.  I bought up on men's toiletry packs and aftershave.

*  Kept the curtains closed as much as possible on the hot days.

* Saved the shower warm up water to keep our hydrangeas alive.

*  Dried the washing on clothes horses and the line.

*  Gratefully received two mangoes and two bags of shredded paper ( paper is for the chicken's nesting box )

*  Used sausages left over from a bbq to make sausage casserole.  I portioned it into single serve and froze for future dinners.

*  Doubled the chocolate brownie recipe to make two.  One was used for a dinner and the other was cut up and put in the freezer.  Chocolate brownie defrosts really well and tastes like it just came out of the oven.

*  Used electric fans on the warm but milder days to save on electricity.

Our first picking of beans

Cucumbers galore


Handmade Lavender room spray for a gift

Lavender starting to bloom.

Have you been productive during the holiday season ?
Did you pick up any bargains during the sales ?

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Summer Recipe Reading Links

No one feels like cooking or baking during the warmer weather.  Here are four easy peasy thrifty recipes that I personally make during Summer for my family to enjoy.

Creamy Pasta Salad

Making your own cordial is very easy.  Here's my 50 / 50 cordial recipe

Have you tried making yoghurt yet ?  Here's my simple recipe adapted from The Cheapskates Club.

Making a Chicken Flan is an easy way to use up leftovers.   Any meat or vegetable can be used.  Just vary the seasonings to suit the meat flavour.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Summer Savings Reading Links

Summer is a wonderful time to slow down and enjoy some family time.  Unfortunately the bills keep coming in and many people are faced with a huge credit card bill after the Christmas madness.  Here are a few articles about saving during Summer.

Keeping cool in Summer

Being water wise

Saving money during Summer

Brandy from The Prudent Homemaker posts a series each year leading up to Christmas called " A Gift A Day "

Saturday, 6 January 2018

More Holiday Reading Links

During our holiday down time,  I'm always thinking of new ways to save,  new lists to write and new presents to make.  Here are some reading links to start off the new year on the right foot.

Back to school organisation

Menu planning is a great way to cut your grocery bill

Get a head start on your present list with this easy bath bomb recipe

Cath from The Cheapskate Club wrote a wonderful article about cheapskating on auto pilot.  Are you thrifty without thinking about it ?