Sunday, 15 October 2017

Slow Down Sunday

Life gets far too busy at times.  What have you done today to slow down and enjoy life without spending money ?

New peaches growing.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 14th October 2017

Gosh,  I've had a busy week.  I started off my week by making lots of things from scratch.  Then I became super busy reorganising my blog shop into categories and uploading lots of new items to sell.  Our Spring / Summer veggie garden was planted and more weed pulling was achieved.  Here's what else I got up to -

*  Made 2 x 600 ml bottles of diluted Dynamo laundry liquid.

*  Baked four loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

*  Gratefully received a top and skirt from Jessica when she was cleaning out her wardrobe.  YAY for a  daughter who is the same size as me.

*  Made lots of pita chips for snacks.

*  Made two bottles of double strength Miracle Spray.

*  Made a quadruple batch of laundry powder.

*  Dried most of  the washing on the line.

*  Ate out of the freezer for most meals.  I'm trying to make room in the freezers for legs of lamb which are starting to come down in price.

*  Only bought milk from the shops. 

*  Planted lettuce,  tomatoes,  cucumber and beans in the veggie garden.

*  Sold three dozen eggs.

*  Sold some crafts in my blog shop.

*  Hand washed the dishes most days.

*  Saved the washing machine water for each next load. 

*  Bought corned silverside for $5.99kg.

*  Froze two singles serves of leftover tuna pasta bake.

*  Gratefully received a bread stick from a friend.  I turned it into mini garlic breads and froze them to go with meals in the future.

Cucumber seedling

Tomato seedling

Peaches growing

Christmas Hand towel for sale in the shop

Christmas coffee cup card for sale in the shop.

Christmas decorations for sale in the shop.

How frugal was your week ?  Did you get lots of tasks done ?

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Tomatoes We Grow

Last year Darren came across a punnet of budget friendly tomato plants.   We had an amazing success with them so I thought I'd share the information with others.

They are available at Bunnings Hardware stores for $2.97 per punnet.
There are approximately 6 plus seedling per punnet.
They are called Tall Staking variety

We found them to grow more upwards than out which makes them suitable for smaller veggie gardens.  They are a medium sized tomato and from our experience last year,  nothing seemed to eat them and there was no signs of disease.

When planting the tomatoes,  we added a few timber stakes around each plant to tie the branches to as they grew. We used old cut up socks as garden ties.  These are free and reduce damage to the branches.

Unfortunately Darren didn't keep the information label from last year.  So I went into Bunnings with the words " tall staking " in my mind hoping they'd be available this year.  I found quite a few punnets of them but no variety listed on the label.

 I had a staff member ring the suppler to find out the variety.  They then rang the grower who said they are the Gross Lisse tomato.  We've grown Gross Lisse tomatoes before and found them to be much bigger and prone to bugs / diseases.   The staff member from Bunnings seems to think the parent plant from the ones I bought have better growing characteristics.  I'll go with that.

From the 7 plants we grew last year,  we had enough tomatoes for salad eating,  about 12 jars of relish and 26 x 410 gram tin's worth to freeze.  In other words,  plenty of tomatoes.

The plants did die pretty quickly once the tomatoes started ripening so we kept picking as we needed. Once there seemed no life left in the tomato plants,  Darren picked the rest off whether they'd ripened or not.  The green tomatoes were left outside under the pergola to ripens in the Autumn sun.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 7th October 2017

Four days of birthday celebrations and daylight savings took it toll on both Darren and I early this week. We had a sluggish start to the week but somehow managed to get through with some frugal tasks completed  Here's our frugal list

* Dried most of the washing on the line including bedding.  Darren did throw some things in the dryer on his day of.

*  Cleaned the kettle with citric acid.  I used this water to clean the kitchen sink drains with vinegar and bi carb.  Cleaned the dishwasher using bi carb, vinegar and Miracle Spray

*  Made a steak casserole using two bbq steaks leftover from our AFL Grand Final bbq.  I sliced them thinly and cooked the casserole in the slow cooker.   I was able to get 6 generous serves from the two steaks.   I'll post the recipe shortly. 

*  Fed lots of grass and clover to the chicken.

*  Jessica had a small empty bottle of argon oil in her rubbish bag.  She said she couldn't get any more out.  I turned it upside down for a couple of days and got 3 more uses from it. 

*  Picked a few very large leaves of silverbeet and added them to a double batch of spag bol sauce to stretch it further.  I also froze two portions suitable for two people.

*  Saved the washing machine water for each next load.  As the weather warms up I'll start saving the warm up shower water for the garden.

*  Baked a packet mix of " I Quit Sugar " biscuits that was given to me.  I didn't have the fancy syrup needed for the recipe so I used honey and added choc chips ( for extra flavour ).  Something wasn't right with the recipe on the box because I ended up with slop that couldn't be formed into dough balls to bake.  I had to add a fair amount of extra flour to the mix.  Let's just say Darren refuses to eat any more after trying one.  They do have a strange flavour to them.  I will persist and eat the rest over the next few days.  Maybe the chickens can help me get rid of them.

*  Tried to stick to the 2 light rule most of the time.

*  Had the heater off for 3 days during daylight hours.

*  Bought 5 Bolar blade roasts on sale for $6.99kg from Australian Butchers.   This was my first visit there after Cath from the Cheapskates Club posted the specials on Facebook.  I was suprised to learn there is a store nearby in Dandenong.  They also had chicken drumsticks on sale for $1.79kg but I already have plenty in the freezer.

* Used the dry mop on the bamboo floors instead of getting the vacuum cleaner out.

*  Gratefully received lots of card making supplies from Darren for my birthday.  I can't wait to use them.

I Quit Sugar Biscuits

Birthday flowers from Jessica and her boyfriend

Cleaning the kettle

Plum tree in full bloom

Steak casserole - YUM !!!

What was on your frugal list this week ?

Thursday, 5 October 2017

DIY Carpet Deodoriser

Back in the days when my girls were little and our carpets were heavily used,  I bought the carpet deodoriser powders ( it that what they're called ? ).  I loved the way my carpet smelled after using it,  but didn't like the price tag that came with it.

It got me thinking about a way to make it myself.  I knew bi carb was great for absorbing odours and I loved the fragrance of a few essential oils I used in oil burners.  So I put two and two together and came up with my own carpet deodoriser.

1 cup of bi carb of soda .
10 - 12 drops of essential oil
small bowl,
medium / large salt shaker
cling wrap or a small plastic bag

Mix the bi carb and essential oil together in a small bowl.  Use the whisk until well blended.

Spoon the mixture into the salt shaker and cover the holes with cling wrap or a plastic bag

Let the mixture sit over night for the bi carb to absorb the oil fragrance.

Sprinkle over your carpets where needed and let it sit for at least 1/2 hour.

Vacuum up and enjoy the lovely fragrance.


*  I only make up what I need to use.  I don't make big batches because essential oil fragrance can change when left over time.  You'll lose the beautiful top notes and be left with a not so nice smell.

*  Bi carb can be bought in bulk from herb and spice shops, cleaning wholesalers or pool shops.  It's also known as ph Buffer from pool shops and is only safe to use in cleaning or in pools. In other words,  not for baking.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 30th September 2017

There's never a dull moment at the Gower Abundant Cottage.  We've started to get the gardens back into shape after a cold Winter.  Darren moved the strawberry patches to make room for our new grape vines ( to be planted shortly ).  I'm starting to see dirt in the veggie patch after much weed pulling.  Lots of cards and crafts were made and sold.  We de-cluttered a little and completed the usual housework tasks. There's no time to tv watching during the day.

Here's our frugal list for the week -

*  Made up a bottle of diluted shower gel to be used for refilling foaming hand wash pumps.

*  Blanched and froze lots of broccoli.

*  Sold two dozen eggs,  a jar of jam,  a bottle of Miracle Spray and a few Christmas coffee cup cards to a cleaning client.

*  Diluted a bottle of Windex.  I'd already diluted it by 50% but it needed a little more diluting.

*  Darren took a couple of bags to Savers and received a couple of discount stamps on our cards.

*  Sold a few new styles of cards and face washers to a friend and blog reader.

*  Used the $20 voucher from the Good Guys to buy a stick blender at a bargain price.  It comes with a bowl and lid so I can process nuts,  veggies and lots of other things.

*  Picked silverbeet to add to the spag bol sauce. I used the new stick blender to process it until it was fine.  This is a wonderful way to prevent family members from picking it out.  I also added linseed meal to the meat.  No one noticed they were eating extra fibre.

*  Dried some washing on the line,  some on clothes horses and only the sheets went in the dryer.

*  Froze two serves of spag bol, 

*  Avoided the shops for the whole week.  For some reason we still had enough milk,  fruit and veg to keep us going.

*  Sold 1 dozen eggs to a friend. 

*  Darren booked a car space in the city by going online.  This is a much cheaper way to park the car and guarantees you get a car space.

*  Gratefully received lots of bread bags which I promptly de - crumbed and lined the bathroom bins with.

*  Fed grass and weeds to the chickens ( as well as their usual feed ).

*  Chopped up lots of broccoli stalks and froze them into portions to use in casseroles. 

The heart of my home.

Pear blossoms on our tree

One of the cards I sold

Now selling in my blog shop.

Cherry blossoms. The hope of fruit to come.

What does your frugal list look like this week ?

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Apple Sponge Dessert

This comforting dessert is a great way to use up a few wrinkly apples from the bottom of the fridge.  I prefer to use Granny Smith apples ( cooking apples ) for their tart flavour which is offset by the sugar and cinnamon.

2 - 3 Granny Smith apples
butter for greasing
2 teaspoons of sugar
cinnamon for dusting

! tablespoon of butter
1/4 cup of sugar
1 egg
1 cup of Self Raising flour
1/2 cup of milk  (approximately )

Peel, core and thinly slice the apples

Arrange the apples on the bottom of a greased pie dish.  The apples can be arranged up the sides a little but allow room at the top for the sponge batter.

Sprinkle the apples with cinnamon and 2 teaspoons of sugar.

In a bowl mix the melted butter,  1/4 cup of sugar,  egg,  flour and milk until it forms a smooth,  slightly runny batter.

Pour the batter over the apples making sure they are all covered.

Bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 30 - 40 minutes until golden on top.

Run a knife around the edges to loosen. Place a larger dinner plate on top of the pie dish and flip over so the dessert is now on the dinner plate.

Serve with cream or icecream ( or by itself ).

Serves 5 - 6.

The final product

Arranging the apples

Cinnamon and sugar added 

Adding thr sponge batter

Ready to flip

Ready to slice and eat.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 23rd September 2017

The weather has slightly warmed up here in Melbourne.  I can now start thinking about our Summer veggie garden and pulling out the weeds.  I've had a busy week crafting and with work.  Here's my frugal list for the week -

*  Dug down to the bottom of a lipstick to get every last drop ( smidge ) out.  I've been doing this with every lipstick for the last 3 - 4 years and I estimate it's saved me about $24 each year.  The lipsticks cost about $10 but I think there's another $8 worth down below the tube.  I go through about 3 lipsticks a year.

* Mended two pairs of socks.

*  Received lots of ribbon and lace I can use in card making and other crafts.

*  Bought lots of broccoli from Fresh Value Market for 99 cents a kilo.

*  Received a bag of lemons.  I've already frozen the juice,

*  Lifted the last of my eyeliner up so I can keep using it for the next few weeks.  There's so much below the plastic dispenser. 

*  Made lots of decorated hand towel and face washer sets.  They will be for sale in my blog shop next week.

* Due to me being sick over our wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago,  Darren and I had a belated  celebration last Saturday.  We went into the city for dinner then went on the Melbourne Star ( giant Ferris wheel ).  Megan gave us a 2 for 1 voucher for Melbourne Star.  We had a lovely evening out.

*  Picked silverbeet from the garden for two meals.

*  Received another $20 voucher from the Good Guys electrical store.

*  Had the heater turned off for three days this week.  Spring weather has finally hit Melbourne and the sun is shining every now and then.

*  Dried the washing on the line and clothes horses.

*  Baked four loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

*  Topped up all our cars with petrol just as the price started going up.

*  Darren received a $40 saving on his car service.  Another discount voucher from Megan.

*  Blessed a local mum in need by shopping from my stockpile.  Another wonderful reason to have a healthy stockpile.  A few of my card making friends also shopped from their stockpiles to help too.

Just before baking

Decorated hand towels

In the garden

Princess at home on top of my card making bag

Darren insisted on buying the Melbourne Star coffee mug
because of the color on the inside

Raspberry plants starting to grow again.

A sneak peek of the latest card I'm working on.

How did you save time,  money or energy this week ?

Thursday, 21 September 2017

25 + Ways To Reuse Iceream Containers

Plastic icecream containers are so useful and handy to use around the home. I find it really hard to throw one out.  Instead,  I find a new way to get the most out of this FREE container.  I've listed 25 ways to use icecream containers.  I've personally used 24 of these ideas around the home.  Can you pick which one I haven't used ?

Feel free to add your own ideas and let's see if we can get to 50 or 75 ideas.  Share this post with your friends and help reduce the amount of containers going to landfill.

1.  As biscuit / baking containers.

2. To store Barbie Shoes.

3.  For storing homemade first aid kits

4.  For freezing food

5.  Travel sickness bucket.

6.  For storing bits and pieces for the home like screws,  curtain brackets,  curtain hooks,  washers from furniture etc.

7.  For storing battery packets and loose batteries.

8.  As drawer dividers for socks and underwears.

9  Lego block containers.

10.  To make large ice blocks for Eskys.

11.  Small round icecream containers make great pencil holders.  Have fun decorating the outside.

12.  Long oblong containers from ice cream shops make wonderful fruit storage in the fridge.

13.  Pet water bowl for outside.

14.  A large one with a handle makes a great peg bucket.  I used the same one for 10+ years.

15.  For storing plastic cutlery neatly.  I have one in the pantry

16  For storing coffee,  sugar,  salt and pepper sachets from accommodation

17.  For storing hair ties,  ribbons,  butterfly clips and headbands.  Years of first hand experience with my girls.

18.  As a planter.  Just add a couple of holes in the bottom.

19  For keeping seedlings hydrated.  When we buy a punnet of seedlings,  Darren puts them in an icecream container with 5cm of water in the bottom.

20.  As a mini rubbish bin in the bathroom.

21.  Tea,  coffee and sugar canisters  Decorate the outside to tie in with your kitchen colors.

22.  For storing bin liner packets.  Those bin liners can be hard to keep tidy when they come in a plastic packet.  An icecream container will keep them in place.

23.  For storing bits of ribbon.

24.  Make up storage to prevent the bathroom cupboards from getting dirty.

25.  To prevent food from being damaged when travelling by car.

Different sizes and colors

Household bits and pieces

Battery storage

How do you use icecream containers around your home,  garden  and garage ?

Saturday, 16 September 2017

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 16th September 2017

This week feels like it's been more productive than the last couple of weeks.  I'm now back at work,  made some cards and crafts,  had my card ladies over for a day of card making and did a monthly grocery shop.  Most of the usual housework got done with the help of Darren and i even had a chance to pull a few weeds.  Ahhh, the fresh air.  Here's what else I got up to this week -

*  Sold four dozen eggs.  It looks like 3 of our 4 chicken are now laying again.  During Winter we were down to one chicken laying.

*  Gratefully received lots of card making supplies from a couple of friends.  I've already started using the new supplies to make more cards.

*  Saved the washing machine water for each next load.

* Did my monthly food shopping on Thursday and stuck to the list.  I've started stockpiling for Summer and the holiday season.  Because of the extra buying,  I need to be really careful to stick to the list so I don't over spend my grocery budget of $250 per month.

*  Froze 4 serves of chicken curry.  It was only the three of us home for dinner that night so thee was more than the usual leftovers.  If you're ever after a REALLY budget friendly meal,  chicken curry is certainly cheap to make.

*  Bought 2 trays of sausages marked down by 20%.  I've portioned them into meal sizes and frozen for Spring /Summer bbqs.

*  Recycled a gift bag for a gift  and gave a handmade card for a birthday.

* Fed new Spring grass,  weeds and bread crusts to the chickens.

*  Darren gratefully received three avocados from a friend.

*  Jessica made sugar biscuits for a party she went to.  She also made potato and leek soup to take to Uni for her lunch.

-  Turned lights off around the house.  Some night's Darren and I just had the light from the tv on.
-  Closed the ducted heating vent and doors to the girl's bedrooms when they weren't home.
-  Dried most of the clothes on coat hangers and clothes horses
-  Turned the standby lights off appliances when we finished using them.
-  Put lids on saucepans to reduce gas usage.
-  Closed the curtains when the sun went down ( or just before )
-  Boiled the kettle to make cuppas then used the rest of the water to wash the dishes.
-  Hand washed the dinner dishes when there wasn't enough for the dishwasher.

Flowers Megan bought me two weeks ago.  Still going strong.

Jessica's potato and leek soup.

A new card coming soon to my blog shop.

Christmas coffee up card.

How did you save money this week ?